contactless live viewing

Rochstraße 5

We offer you the possibility of

contactless live viewing!

Even in times when distance and reduced social contacts are the premise, nothing replaces the personal impression of a visit.

That is why we now exclusively offer you the opportunity to view and experience the property you prefer on your own, completely contactless and live.

Here's how it works:

make an appointment now

If you are interested in any of our vacant properties, please contact us by email or phone and we will agree together over an appointment.

the disinfect apartment is waiting

Before the tour, we will disinfect the apartment and open the windows in preparation for your visit.

doors are open to you

The front foor and the apartment door will be open for you to easily access the property.

you visit alone, without us

You will inspect the apartment on your own, take time to look at all details and get a feeling about the place.

after you have left the apartment

After your departure, we will desinfect everything once again and lock the doors.

any questions

All your questions will be then answered by our colleagues via telephone or email.

Accord Estates offers...

…a wide range of various ways of property tours:

– Contactless live tour without an agent present
– Digital tour via video call (Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime)
– Customized video tour 360
– Classic tour in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations

The health and well being of our customers are our top priority. We are doing our part in slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 virus while ensuring a safe work environment for us and our colleagues too. Join in and stay healthy!